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About The Art


What we create...

Timeless Wall Portraits


How we create...

*Studio Atmosphere

*Interactive Setting

*Mixed Media Artwork

*Time Valued Process


A Foster portrait is more than a photo. It is a continuation of the artistic tradition of classical masters combined with the modern artistry of a photograph. It represents a joining of the realism and preciseness of a photograph and the richness and radiance of an oil painting.


With the trained eye of a classical portrait artist, we will create through light, color, angle, pose, and expression the individual atmosphere or “look” that reflects the nature, values, inner life, and charm of the subject, whether it be your entire family or the singular image of a child. With the addition of digital technology, we have the ability to craft portraits that are creative, remarkable, and striking.


This art form is without equal in capturing the character, beauty, and uniqueness of your family, of bringing to life that which lies deep within. A Foster portrait freezes reality so that it may be forever enjoyed, examined, remembered, and celebrated. There is no way of recording the lives of your children and family more vividly, accurately and passionately than a photograph combined with an oil painting.


Like all works of art, Foster portraits are a joy forever. They are a permanent and everlasting memory of a person, child, family or moment that may be enjoyed in the future, even as our human recollections fade. A Foster portrait is meant to be passed down to your children and future generations so that they may better understand, appreciate, and celebrate their family legacy.

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