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"Karah is a true visionary. Her artwork is inspiring and she perfectly creates a fine art piece that will stand the test of time. She is not only an amazing person but a fabulous artist. I highly recommend her!"
Nena Metcalf
"My husband is absolutely in love with the image you captured of Natty. He usually just says yeah I like this one or that one when asked but he keeps going back and looking at this portrait and talking about it. Daddy's little girl."

Melissa Chaplin 

"Karah at Foster Fine Art Portraits is a world renowned Portrait Artist. As a fellow artist I will say "You must have her create your portrait. There is no better!!! "

Stephen Taylor

"The images you created bring tears to my eyes!! You captured my baby's innocence and I will treasure these pieces forever!"

Jessica Crawford 

"Karah was so patient with my daughter and the images she created are absolutely perfect."

Denise Minger

"The image you created of Avery standing with the stuffed animal brought tears to my eyes. It's almost like she is still a little girl holding that bunny. I don't see her like that because she doesn't play with little girl things anymore. Baby dolls, stuffed animals...etc. It's all iPods and iPads. So, thank you, it's just beautiful."

Lynsie Philipps

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