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 Dress Code

In our studio work, dark backgrounds are used so that the faces become the most important part of the portrait. Many of our family clients choose brown or black as their choice of color in a portrait. These are an easy choice, but remember that any dark, rich color can be used. A good rule of thumb is to choose the darkest form of that color to keep it classic. Too many color choices leads your eye to bounce around the portrait, so it is best to focus on one color or at the most, coordinating two colors to keep it simple. For children's portraits our color of choice is a beautiful buttery cream.



 For Your Children


Never, ever coach or tell your child to smile...either here or at home. Children are born knowing how to smile naturally and then we as parents teach them to do a different way. If we don't tell them to smile, they'll smile naturally as a reaction to what's going on. After all, expression is our responsibility, so don't put any extra pressure on yourself or your child.


Don't tell them they're coming to have their picture taken. Most children leave here never even knowing they had their portrait made...and the ones that do know don't care because they just came to play and that's what they did. If you have to tell them something just tell them you're going to do something fun.










Order Session

In keeping with our time valued approach, your order session will occur immediately following your image session. Your portrait session will last anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour followed by your order session. We will not rush you in making your portrait decision, so there is no time limit on your ordering appointment. We will show you our two signature finishes and guide you in the practice of correctly sizing art pieces. This session, like your portrait session, is complimentary and we ask that you come prepared to place your order at this time. At the end of your session, a work order will be drawn up and your order will be put into production immediately. You can expect your art piece to take 8 to 12 weeks to prepare. 

  The Seven Ages of Childhood

Many clients tell us they regret not having more portraits made as their children grew up. It’s not that they didn’t value childhood portraits, they simply led busy lives, and the years just slipped by. The 7 Ages of Childhood are times that mark the most significant changes along the path from infancy to young adulthood.


At eight months the baby is alert and responsive, yet still looks like a to stand...but still dependent.


At one year the permanent feature characteristics begin to show future family likeness...still a baby, but a robust, growing one.


Around the second birthday the language barrier is broken and the child begins to respond to reason, humor and action.


The fourth birthday is no doubt one of the cutest, most desirable ages for both genders. The child can speak, and reason and is beginning to display individuality–a new permanent element of personality.


Sometime during the seventh year, when the snaggely tooth age ends, second teeth change the facial contours, even the expres- sion around the mouth. A growing mind has (by seven) developed a more mature, inquiring outlook.


As the twelvth year progresses, we suddenly realize that our child is about to go into the teen age of puberty...a sort of dress rehearsal for adulthood. The child, in a true sense, will soon be supplanted.


The final age of childhood, sixteen. If it’s a boy, he is suddenly a his interests, his attitudes, his thinking. If it’s a girl, it’s SWEET age apart from all the others–usually the happiest age, when she blossoms into womanhood. Still a lot of growing, and learning, and absorbing experiences ahead...but never again a child. 




Directions to the studio

From I-470 take the Bethlehem exit

Get on Rt 88 (landmark reference, you'll pass the loading zone gas station on your left)

Follow 88 for approximately 8 miles until the stop sign at the intersection of Rt. 250 and Rt. 88

Make a right at the intersection towards Moundsville

Your very Next Right is our gravel lane, Wood Hill Lane 

Follow Wood Hill Lane for six tenths of a mile

We are on the right side of the road across from a big white farm house with a red barn and red, white and blue silo

Our home studio is located in the tan house with burgundy tin roof and burgundy shutters  pictured above

Pull in the drive, go under the breezeway & down the stairs to the door on your left




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